4 uniquely different lives, ultimately sharing the same needs and desires.

In Madras in southern India, Vijay wakes up in the small bedroom he sleeps in with his wife, son and mother. He goes into the alleyway that he shares with five other families in the slum and uses the shared tap to wash himslef. He returns to the room where he sits on the floor and eats his breakfast. Then he gets his 4 year old son to wash his teeth and bath in the alleyway and put on his school uniform. He says goodbye to his wife and mother and rushes with his son to his auto rickshaw taxi and artfully winds his way off through the chaos of the slum streets towards his son’s school.

So begins a day in the life of one of four taxi drivers in 4 cities in the world – Mexico City, Mexico; Lagos, Nigeria; Dublin, Ireland and Madras, India. Each a unique character and orator of life, a receiver of very personal confessions, a moderator on worldly matters, a radiator of the cities’ soul, a cultural ambassador and a social magnate. Each one with very special insights into the life of the city and country in which they live, a real sense of pride of place and the energy and motivation to survive in a difficult world.

4 disparate lives living worlds apart. Their cultural differences are enormous as is the way they lead their lives. They share a real passion for their work and the people they come in contact with. What’s more their needs and desires are so similar – money, love, food, happiness, comfort, sex and fulfilment. They share amazing insights into life’s hidden secrets. Ultimately their similarities far out weigh their differences.