50 minutes, RTÉ

The powerful story of Irish woman Mags Riordan, who, having lost three children in separate tragic circumstances, was inspired to set up a clinic in Malawi, saving thousands of lives. 

From a place of utter desperation, she considered ending her life, but immense strength and will power compelled her to travel to Cape Maclear in Malawi to confront her demons and witness the location where her son had drowned. She laid a memorial stone in his memory. She was overcome by the beauty of the place and in his last letter to her, Billy had told her that he had found paradise. 

Beyond that beauty, what became more obvious as she spent time there was that poverty had resulted in a whole community without healthcare, suffering from terminal diseases which were destroying the very fabric of their society. She went on to set up a clinic in Cape Maclear and has since saved thousands of lives. This is an immensely provocative and inspiring story about one person’s journey to overcome utter devastation and turn her life around for the benefit of others.