52 minutes, RTÉ

This is a David and Goliath story of one man’s 14 year struggle with the planning authorities to be allowed to build a house on his own land. He was faced with homelessness, eviction and a 12 million euros fine. Out of sheer frustration he built a movable house on a 40’ trailer and moved it onto his own land in defiance of the authorities.

Moreover this is a broader story of the value of our culture, heritage and language and how the planning laws are driving local people out of their villages to larger towns and cities where they cannot use their language or fully express themselves culturally. 

Breanndán Begley made a journey through Ireland and on to Scotland and Brittany in the hope that by bringing attention to this story, changes may come about that will allow our children to be able to build affordable homes in their own villages and keep our unique culture alive.