Feature (90 minutes)

In 2016, Bang Bang Teo spent 6 months on the road with Christy Moore, resulting in two one hour films for RTÉ called Christy Moore: Journey. Also shot was Christy’s Life on the Road, which premiered on RTÉ in 2021. Christy’s Life On the Road features extra footage from Christy Moore: Journey, which was previously unused, and a plethora of footage shot intentionally for this film.

Christy’s Life on the Road spotlights Moore’s five favourite venues, including the Marquee in Cork, and what he refers to as his ‘headquarters’ in Lisdoonvarna. There are intimate interviews with his band and members of his road crew who have been with him for many years. The film is full of rare backstage footage and raw energy in the build-ups to Moore’s gigs, giving viewers a new perspective on one of Ireland’s most treasured performers.

With this film, we gain a unique and immersive insight into Christy Moore’s protected backstage world.