(60 minutes)

Wrenched from their families, homes and communities, the wrongfully convicted suffer many forms of psychological trauma as a result of their imprisonment. Their problems are exacerbated upon release, where they struggle to reintegrate into society, reclaim normality, and carve out a stable existence. They return only to face poverty, employment discrimination, societal discrimination, alcohol and substance abuse, and broken relationships. The stigma of prison hovers over an innocent person almost as much as the guilty.

Fallout is based on the post prison lives of 4 high profile exonerees – Sunny Jacobs (USA), 17 years on death row; Peter Pringle (Ireland), the last man sentenced to death by hanging in Ireland. He served 15 years; Paddy Hill (UK), served 16 years for the Birmingham pub bombings and Robert Brown (UK), served 25 years for a murder he did not commit.

A campaign called “Say I’m Innocent” will follow the screening of Fallout on BBC and RTE. For further information go to www.sayiminnocent.com or find us on Facebook